How to get no relationship in ME1?

I would post this in the ME1 section, but didn't seem like many people went there. I was replaying ME1 after already completing it a few times so I could have no relationship, to have a good class for insanity on ME2 while still having all the story decisions still made completely by me. Even though I never talked romantically to any squadmates whatsoever, Ashley still came up to my Shepard as if I talked to her as much as I did to Liara (so I could continue the romance til ME3).

I looked before and someone said that if I talked to Ashley even once that she would be considered my romance option for ME1. So would not talking to her at all work? Though I was thinking now that I could just have her die instead of the other guy (completely forgot his name because I always had him die).

Does anyone know a sure way to not have a relationship in ME1? I'm doing this so I can have the relationship with Tali in ME2 without any consequences of having a relationship before in ME3. Thanks!


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There's a couple of ways to have your Shepard 'available' for romance in ME2, if you import them from ME1. One option... never talk to Liara or Ashley at all. Choose the negative/renegade options if you do talk to them... Another option (one I've used often), deliberately talk to Ashley (Or Kaiden if your Shepard is Female) so as to 'lock' your Shepard into that relationship and don't speak to Liara at all. Then, on Virimire, sacrifice your 'locked' partner. I've done that myself, and it does work quite well.

So get the relationship to start, but sacrificing them on Virmire makes it where there is no relationship at all? I might just try to not talk to Ashley or Liara for the entire game. I am going to sacrifice Ashley on Virmire though because she has gotten annoying after a few play throughs.

If you don't want to risk getting into a relationship with Ashley or Liara... don't speak to them during missions, and when you do (like back on the Normandy after Eden Prime and Ashley is in the medical bay with you), pick the middle/neutral option or lower right/renegade option. Following this, will ensure you won't be in a relationship with either of them, come ME2. IF you do speak to Ashley, sacrifice her on Virimire. With Liara... I'm pretty sure you can romance her in ME1... and in ME2 can choose whether to continue your relationship with her, or end it and remain friends.

Thanks for all the info! Think I have it figured out now. Hopefully it'll work out because Tali seems to be one of the most interesting characters to have a relationship with and with no consequences in ME3 is really good.

I just can't bring myself to romance Tali, she's like Shepard's little sister. Liara on the other hand is a fine piece of asari jailbait.

I made Liara as my first romance option through most of  my playthroughs of ME1 and ME2 though she is a bit more annoying in ME2 even if she had lots of "work" to do. Hopefully she is less annoying in ME3.