I'm picking up the single disc edition version of Injustice on tuesday, when it comes out at the petal, ms Gamestop, and want to get the dlc of the new 52 skins but can't shell out the money for the collector's edition WITH that dlc already available.  So, I figure I can get it on Xbox Live when it debuts on the same day.  Can that happen?  I am a first time user on internet gaming and downloaded the demo so far.  Just wanted to have these fav skins since I am a HUGE fan of the new 52 comic series reboot. Also, the other reason is I wanted this but with my version I get crappy red son content. (no offense xbox, but really!?  New 52, is WAY cooler for the regular edition.)

But anywho, any help in this matter would help greatly.  thanks!

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Go to this link here and you can get it.

I would imagine that all Pre-order bonus packs will be made available after a certain amount of time, or you can find someone trading or selling on auctions sites

Wow I cant believe people are paying that much for some different skin packs, but I guess if you want it bad enough whatever floats the boat right.  

I have a few New 52 outfits and I don't even know how I got them. Besides Flash which I got for making an account.

well at least ya didnt overpay for it like some other people are doing cause they cant wait for it to come out.

I was just looking at alternate costumes I unlocked and I just found out I had the nightwing 52 outfit and I didn't even do anything!

You get the New 52 Nightwing when you reach level 30.

I was playing online and the ticker at the top said "win 25 ranked matches to unlock an exclusive costume" I won 25 matches but nothing happened. Anyone know what it unlocks?