How to get list of players

I am new here,,,how do you play against other players???? What's matchmaking mean??? Why am I always alone in the sreens???

Any reply would be great!!!!  Thanks


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Go to "Matchmaking".


Select a Playlist, probably "Social Slayer".


Press 'A' on the 'Start Matchmaking' area, and leave it there until you get a game : )

Just like Bob said, select a playlist in matchmaking and search for a game.  What matchmaking does is put you in a lobby with other people playing, at the end of the game you can choose to "party up" with people, so basically you can play with the same people again if you want.

Glad to see that people are still buying this game. It's still the best.

Hell yes.

People think it's dead, but I'm quick to remind them that it's still alive and well. Who cares how old it is?  I think part of me will die when H3 dies lol.

Sure will here dude.


11, 000+ games and I'll keep playing. Truly amazing game, I always play other games, even newer games, alongside my H3 but I'll never play something over it.

You're a vet, son. Your account is beast. Good stats and a decent record. I wish I could say the same lol.

No worries man, plus, unlike so many others, we actually PLAY.


"It's dead, it's dead, so sad"


I hate seeing that. It isn't dead, so come on back and play it?


And cheers dude : )