How to get into locked doors

I've played through a bit of the game, up to the point where I entered the bat cave and acquired the batclaw (or something like that).  At any rate, I've passed many rooms that contain Riddler trophies which I cannot access.  Is there eventually an upgrate or device I can use to enter these inaccessible rooms, or am I doing something wrong?


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You'll be able to upgrade the 'Crypticograhic Sequencer's range later on and be able to crack those doors...:-)

Wow, an answer by someone with "Arkham" in their name, guess you really liked this game?!  Great to know, thought I was messing up or something.  While I have someone's attention in this sleepy forum (chirp, chirp), I have another question.  I'm playing on Normal difficulty for now but I really like the game and plan to play it again on the hardest difficulty.  Will I have to re-collect all the items to upgrade my abilities, or do the abilities carry over onto the next game?  Thanks!

You'll have to start from scratch with the upgrades and gadgets.  The biggest difference with the hardest difficulty is that there are no "animations" warning you that you're about to be hit and need to counter, you definitely have to watch the thugs' body language more.  I didn't choose this gamertag, it's the one that I was given when I first signed up for, being a big "BatFan", I felt lucky and honoured...:-)

Cool, thanks for your help!

How do i find comm. Gordans office

I suggest looking at

or one of other faw on gamefaq site.