how to get headshots?

Does anyone have any tips for learning how to get headshots better?  I got hung up on one of the Undead Nightmare challenges with getting (if I remember correctly) 5 headshots in 8 seconds with the sniper rifle and without using deadeye.  The reticule is so small and the zombies seem to move right as I pull the trigger.  I don't have problems with headshots in FPS (and usually prefer sniper rifles)...but in RDR it's miserable to me.  Does anyone have any advice?


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For that particular challenge you can just do execution kills. Just throw some bait or find a random event that have a bunch of zombies hurdled up together and just run in the middle of them pressing just RT. You'll have a quick cut scene of you putting the barrel to the head and shooting. Of-course have a sniper out. Execution only work in Single-player.

Generally getting headshots with normal weapons (hand gun, rifle, shotgun.) is easy. Just snap-to target and just move RS up a little. Unless you like using expert aim.

Snipers always have to use expert aim and treated like in every FPS. Some advice that I give people (who sometimes calls me stupid) is use the Rolling Block Rifle and not the Carcano. The Rolling Block has better damage and better accuracy over the Carcano from my experiences. But people seem to think since you unlock the Carcano after the Rolling Block means that it's better.