how to get achievment "keep team alive in suicide mission"

I had all team members loyal and 100% paragon

however I had 2 die in final mission, Kasumi after going through vent

and then ummm whats his name that bounter hunter guy with scars on his face ( sorry memory blank)

why did i they die when they were both loyal?

ME1 AND 2 FAN, cant wait for ME3, i'm taking week off work to play it.

cheers jase.


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People can still die even when loyal if you don't give them the right job.


Vent: Tali, Legion or Kasumi.


Fire Team Leader: Garrus or Miranda (some say Jacob but I've never used him so can't confirm.)


It's up to you if you send an Escort with the crew but I usually send Zaeed or Thane. However you might want to send Mordin, as some people say they have encountered a glitch where he does if you don't send him as the escort, not something I've encountered though.


Biotic shield: Use Jack or Samara/Morinth.


Fire Team Leader: Again use Garrus or Miranda.


Hold the line/Final boss: Here you will need to leave your heavy hitters to guard the door, so I usually end up taking Mordin and Tali with me to the final boss. Mordin's Incinerate and Tali's drone are great for dealing with the collectors, with IIncinerate also working well against the boss itself.

If Kasumi died doing the vents, that means you didn't have the right person leading the 1st fire team - must be Garrus, Miranda or Jacob.


If Thane died, either you had him lead the 2nd fire team (he can't), or you took him with you during the biotic bubble section but didn't have the correct person making the bubble - can only be Jack or Samara/Morinth.


Just follow what voteDC has suggested, only thing I'd add is that Garrus, Grunt & Zaeed are your three heaviest hitters so leave them holding the door.

Thanks for that i did with garus as fire team leader. cheers for both of your help.

only a few achievs to go and i'll have 100% achiev on this game.

I can confirm that Jacob works for fire team. I used him both times and no one died. Definitely use Mordin as the escort if you don't plan to use him in the final battle. He has the worst defense so there's a chance that he'll die at the door if you leave him there. You do NOT need someone super powerful to escort the squad; as long as Mordin is loyal he should make it. You should leave your best defensive guys (Zaeed, Grunt, Garrus) at the door to make sure that the people there survive. If Kasumi is giving you problems then take her with you for the final fight rather than leaving her at the doors. Her defense is quite low.


I did: Tali vent, Jacob fire team (twice), Samara biotics, Mordin escort, Tali/Jack on my squad and everyone else at the door and didn't have any probs.

This guide contains spoilers but it helped me get the achievement on veteran.

The chances of survival is lowered for each team member on a higher difficulties.


This guide

Just did it last night with no deaths...I used Garrus and Miranda for fire teams, Tali for the vent, Samara for biotics, no escort (might redo it since I didn't like the crew dying), and I think it was Zaeed and Miranda for the boss (but I'm not sure on that one)

My last play though was an Insanity run.  I used Tali for the vents, Jacob as fire team leader both times, Jack as the biotic escort, Tali to lead the survivors back, and for my team I chose Miranda and Grunt.  Miranda provides a damage boost and Grunt with a level 4 fortification can stand toe to toe long enough with Harbinger giving me time to take out the final boss, and so Miranda can deal with any Collectors.

Will anyone not loyal die?  What if I just don't give them a job?  

Jack isn't loyal because I sided with Miranda after Jack's loyalty mission, and I can't use the Charm or Intimidate option to change her mind.  Maybe I'll go scan some planets for sidequests and hope I gain some charm or intimidate points.

They wont automatically die if not loyal if they aren't given jobs. You may be able to keep Jack alive if you make sure to leave her with your heavy hitters to hold the line.

I did try that but she ended up dying, anyway.  Oh well, she pissed me off anyway and everybody else survived, lol.

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