how to fix network lag?

Hi, how do everyone deal with the network lag on Xbox Live?  Pretty much every game I try to play is lag ridden and pretty much unplayable.  That's why I mainly play co-op games where lag isn't an issue.

I play BF3, MW3 and Gears 3 and they all have lag where everyone else sees you way before I see them.  It's really noticeable on MW3, I watch every killcam and what they see is totally different to what I saw when I got shot from my end, which is a very clear indication of lag.

My NAT is open, and I've got port forwarding all set up, I've set up QoS, and set up the fastest DNS site according to namebench (which turns out to be  I don't suffer lag when playing PC games so it can't be my network or router or ISP.

The problem is definitely with Xbox Live.  I live in Brisbane, and my friend in Sydney also see the same thing.  I don't see how anyone is able to get acceptable lag/ping/latency.

What can I do to improve my latency, other than moving house next to a server?


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I almost always lag when playing with my friend from Australia.  But that's because I'm connecting to someone one the other side of the blue marble.  I also lag when I'm in just about any party probably because the search preferences look for a good connection for the party leader not me.  


It could also be your ISP.  Lol move your house next to a server.

If your connected through WIRED(ethernet cable) it shouldn't be a problem.. my money is on the OP using a wireless connection!   My suggestion is to invest in some HOMEPLUGS  they are AWESOME WHATS A HOMEPLUG??

that is odd. Most likely is your ISP network spiking. Usually it will resolve sometime later

KiloOscarZulu, just an fyi but NAT Settings or Private Network Settings (QoS) have very little to no impact on Latency. NAT Settings only effect Match Making, Party Chat, Private Chat and Messages (and the like).

Pretty much only two things are a result of "lag" and that would be the distance to the other Devices (in this case the Xbox 360's/ Players) and the Speed of your own ISP via the Bandwidth available. Network Code in the Game itself can also be a factor but generally it's either acceptable to most everyone or no one at all (if it truly is poor Network Code).

My guess would be most of the Players in Games History are from the other side of the world. Try Local Search Settings in the Game (varies Game per Game). What exactly is your DL/ UL Speeds and Ping of your Connection?

Thanks for the responses guys/gals.  I'm on a 100mbit (not gigabit yet) wired LAN at home.  I did a and I'm getting ~20ms to Sydney which is 700km away and ~40ms to Canberra which 1000km, the pings aren't that bad.

I play Counterstrike on the PC and I get ping/latency under 20ms to local servers so I don't think it is my ISP not my home network.

The fact that when I join lobbies on MW3 and it can't find a game under 50ms mean that I must be connecting somewhere outside the country?  But I doubt that I'm the only one in Australia playing at any given time.

Is MW3 still client host?  I don't seem to have issue as severe on BF3 and I know that they have Australian servers.  Any way to force MW3 to connect to somewhere local?

Cheers for everyone who's commented above, thanks.

ping is your problem, most of the time you will be connecting to players in the US even if it is one player and they get selected as host that will cause latency issues.

just as an example i checked my speed to California for a giggle which is 5200 miles away from me.

and then locally.

not much change but the ping is horrendous.