How to find Shadow Jago?

I'm wondering what is the exact criteria that needs to be met in order to fight Shadow Jago in arcade mode. After getting all 3 of Thunder's endings, I played through arcade mode on medium with him, didn't lose a single match, and ultra'ed Orchid (Thunder's rival), but still got Fulgore as the last boss instead of Shadow Jago. According to Prima Games, what I did should have unlocked the Shadow Jago boss battle, but it didn't. So what exactly do you need to do to fight Shadow Jago?


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Some people are saying your score has to reach a certain level so you need to get supreme victories.

Try doing an ultra on all characters

You have to unlock all 3 character endings and then complete arcade mode on medium or higher with all supreme victories and an ultra on your rival. If you do that, then you will skip the Fulgore fight and go to Shadow Jago.

Trust me, you do NOT need to get supreme victories on everybody.

Ive got the first official perfect on Shadow jago... ;)

I DID ultra everyone though, not just your rival..

Your rival is always the 6th opponent.

But yeah, ULTRA everybody, and dont lose a match and you should get there.

Congrats on the Perfect! I saw that notice as a shout out on KI Central. I was combining what KI Central and Maximilian Dood were saying as to the requirements for Shadow Jago. But I'll gladly defer to a superior player. :)

Thanx everyone for the replies, and thank you to Shuoink for giving what I think is the right advice, of not losing and finishing everyone with an ultra.

Lots of people are saying Shadow Jago is ridiculously hard, so that's amazing you got a perfect! Have you got a vid of that? :)

I am Althalus -

No way am I a superior player to Max, Just lucky........ But yeah I am correct in how to get to shadow jago, Max got that video out with the quickness to be first which is understandable, but needs to go back and make an amended version with the correct info..


Shadow jago is like old school nintendo mega man boss hard, straight up ***.

After 36 tries in a row, I found a way to beat him.

If you search for "shadow jago perfect" the video will pop up. Some people have already copied it and made their own videos, look for the one posted by me. You wont believe it when you see it. Beat him while you can like this because I'm sure they will fix it eventually.

@Shuoink: I just watched your video, and it is disappointing if he is impossible to beat unless you do crouching low kick constantly until the time runs out. Bosses should be very tough to beat, and cheesy as hell, but you should still be able to beat them by actually fighting them. Has anyone managed to beat Shadow Jago by fighting him? All the videos I've seen of people beating him are using the exactly same crouching low kick on repeat method as you did. Cheap AI is one thing, but that is ridiculous! lol Lazy programming on the part of DH there, for sure. Boss fights should be titanic, epic tests of skill. :( Looks like MKII Shao Kahn on hard is a walk in the park compared with old Shago! :P

I love me some old school Megaman, and have completed all those games. :) Most Megaman bosses were made easier if you had the corresponding weapon for that specific boss, but some of them were extremely hard if you didn't have the right weapon going into the boss fight. Somehow it doesn't seem as if fighting Shadow Jago will be half as much fun as taking on classic Megaman bosses! lol

@DemonslayerSara Watch Max's video on youtube. He beats ShadowJago with Sabrewulf after a bunch of tries and he is currently working on a Boss Rage episode trying to beat Shadow Jago on KYLE difficulty.

Is Max not a high level tourney player though? A boss shouldn't be so tough that only players of that calibre can beat them. Since the original SFII, I've played a large amount of different fighting games, some of which have had tough as nails bosses, but I've always found them beatable with a lot of effort. Shadow Jago might be the toughest, cheesiest boss I've ever seen in a fighting game ever! lol

I think my chances of beating him legitimately are extremely low, and I'm a decent player, just not a high level tourney player, which I suspect you will have to be if you want to beat him by actually fighting him. I still haven't fought him yet, but from the vids I've seen, I don't fancy my chances... :P

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