How to file harassment voice mails? Warning to parents

I am the parent of an 8 year old boy who was left a voice message from grown man that had the most vulgar wording I've ever heard- It scared my son half to death and he's afraid now to even play the xbox anymore. I have filed a complaint through the console but was instructed to post something here- My son is not friends with this player and because my son apparently was winning a game he felt the need to leave him a vulgar message using every cuss word you can imagine- I am warning parents of children to please go to your console and block the user [Mod removed].    I hope the Xbox Live will take the actions necessary to insure this doesn't happen to another child.-


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Hey there,

Sorry to hear of your experience with Xbox Live.

And also sorry your young son had to listen to this.

Naming and shaming publicly isn't permitted, to help maintain the integrity of the Enforcement system.

As long as you have filed a complaint, it will be dealt with appropriately; posting on the forums won't change anything at all.

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You can change your son's privacy settings so that he can only message and communicate with friends.  That should protect it from happening in the future.  8 is probably too young to be listening to the average player.  We blocked all non friend communication and restricted friends lists to parental approval until we thought our son was old enough to handle it.