How to end Ysolda

Some one please explain how to ive used magic, weapons, shouts, posion, and the werewolf power


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First question would be why you are trying to murder her?  Secondly, if you have not completed the "A Night To Remember" quest, she is tagged as "essential" and thus can't be killed.

just wondering

just finished that quest yesterday but ive beat the storyline, have daedric armor, beat imperial quest, preparing for dawnguard

If you have finished the quest, then she should be murder-able.  If she isn't still, it's possible that your game has just tricked itself into thinking that she is still essential.  Not really a big deal if that's the case, as there's no quest related reason to end her.

Hey that's my wife you're trying to murder, buddy!

oh, and I have no idea how to kill her

Give the game time and she will die of natural causes. You will get a letter of Inheratance by courier.