How to download all the map packs?

I bought the season pass when I originally bought Halo 4.  I stopped playing just before the first map pack was released.  I want to get back into the game, and I know I've missed a few map packs.  How do I download the packs without being charged again if I were to download it through the marketplace? (I already paid for them because I bought the season pass)

EDIT (More info): From what I've read, to get the map packs with the season pass you have to access the "Xbox Live Marketplace" option from in-game.  When I select the XLM option there are only 10 things, the Spec Ops pack and 9 avatar items.  No map passes.  So I guess my question is how do I download the map packs with my season pass from in game?


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Just select the map pack from the Xbox Live Marketplace in the Halo 4 menu. As long you got a War Games Pass installed to your HDD, it will detect it and won't charge you.

There isn't the option for the maps pack(s) from the Xbox Live Marketplace from in the Halo 4 menu.  The literal only options are 'Spec Ops episodes', and 9 avatar items. (out of 10 options).  There aren't any map pack options to choose?

I think you may be confused as to what the map pass actually is. It allows you to download the map packs once they've been released "free of charge" since you've already paid for them. You can't download them all at once, because they haven't all been released yet. The only one available right now is Crimson. Majestic will be available on Monday. The last map pack has no release date as of right now.

I understand that all the map packs aren't currently out yet.  I've only missed one map pack in my absence (Crimson)?  

I'm asking how to download it without being charged a second time.  I have the Season Pass, but the map pack isn't listed on the XBLM option inside of Halo 4.

Have you tried redownloading the pass?