How to craft specific combo weapons when you have all combo perks selected?

I am level 50 and have every box selected in attributed panel, including all the special combo perks (i.e., being able to replace one item for another to make a combo).  This has caused some consternation for me when trying to craft a specific item.  Without the perk, I know that Item A and item B combined to make item C.  However, with the perk, items A and B can also combine make items D, E, F, G, and H.  If I want to make item C from item A and B, is there a simple way to go about it?  I can't seem to figure it out how to craft specific items from the original ingredients--it keeps wanting to make something else. 


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Did you check the blueprints page to see exactly what item types are used for each weapon? I don't think there are any overlapping item requirements. You can try making sure that the only non-combo weapons you are holding will be used for a specific combo weapon. I still need to get better at that myself.

There are overlapping item requirements when you have purchased all the combo perks on the attributes panel (or whatever its called).  For instance, to make heavy metal, you need a lead pipe and a 2x4.  However, with the combo perks, you can use any two blunt objects to make a heavy metal.  The problem, of course, is that overlap is created.  And that makes it difficult for me to build a specific combo weapon--the same exact resources can make a host of different combo weapons.  Going back to the above example, even if I am only holding a lead pipe and a 2x4, those same resources are now no longer limited to making a heavy metal, but a host of other combo weapons.  

Really? What else do two blunt weapons make besides heavy metal? I never had those make anything else.

Heavy Metal was just a generic example.  Here are specific ones that appear to use the same category of ingredients (unless I am mistaken):


(1) Bomb Toy and Car Bomb (novelty/explosive)


(2) Glove Gun and Fighting Gloves (novelty/novelty)


(3) Iron Edge, Chopper, and Mauler (blade/blade)


(4) Tenderizers and Dragon Punch (gloves/mechanical)


(5) Sentry Cat, Laser Sword and Power Shout (electronic/miscellaneous)


(6) Boomer Axe and Spiked Bucket (blade/miscellaneous)


(7) Big Bomb and I.E.D. (explosive/explosive)


(8) Electric Shout and Super Shout (Power Shout/electronic)

There are two issues I see with the above list.   A couple of the categories seem to have been combined (ie axe is a separate category from blade and bucket isn't miscellaneous, but in a category with cones and masks (ie things you can put on heads))  

Secondly the gold blue prints never genericize, the Power Shout is only Traffic Cone + Speaker and adding a portable stereo or a battery gives a specific result depending on which one is added.

You are probably right.  

I'm going to put together another post with weapons categories, as that may help someone...