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Hi am new to dark souls and did not realise what happend when you touched the summoning stone,whats got me beat is that I dont know how to chat to the person summoned or the invader when you become human


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you no like-a the gestures?


The community is also very good at recognizing when someone is new to the game, and playing an area for the first time.  I can usually tell in the first 30 seconds.  Most people you summon will take the time to point out things you might be missing, just by using these gestures.  Example:  in Anor Londo, about half way through the game, there is a giant blacksmith.  Behind him, obscured by his large body, is a chest.  Most people would miss this.  Helpful phantoms will use gestures to point in that direction.  Always watch them for any pointing that they do.  It's basic stuff like "look there" or "follow me".

You can chat privately if you wish, but it really isn't necessary.  The game was designed for play between people from all different countries, from North America, across Europe, and into Asia.  The gestures work quite well.

you can use the gestures to get basic ideas across. hit 'start' to bring up the options available to you. or you can private chat with the person or message back and forth.