How to become a "Pro Gamer"

Just an article I found on Yahoo, actually pretty interesting...



Thoughts? I didnt realize they actually made that much $$$, of course there is only a handful that do, but still...


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ya linky not working

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i did said page not found?

Those already keeping track of StarCraft and the GSL would've known about this years ago.

I read an article once about the top pro Halo team. They practiced several hours a day and one or all of them started a new way to hold the controller or something idk. Was it called the claw or something like that? I think the team was Final Boss and there were brothers on it, Ogre1 and Ogre2. Not sure if that info is right but the fact is, very few people are good enough to compete at that level. The closest I get to being a video game pro is getting pro perks in Call of Duty...

I'm a pro. That's what my profile says.