How to beat the Monk playing Dice at the inn in Chapter 1

Has anyone beat this muther f-er yet and how did you do it? I'm up to 31 wins now and I want to gut him like a fish!


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I had to google him...


I am still not 100% sure... but most people think that you can not "beat him" anymore.


He was originally a hidden advertisement to buy a bunch of games at a discount price when The Witcher 2 first released.


nice to know that I'm not the only one having this problem lol

I was wondering this as well. Was thinking maybe you had to get 5 of a kind against him, but I couldn't do it after 30 minutes. I did end up making a bunch of Orens though, so it wasn't a complete waste. Maybe it has something to do with an item you need or perhaps it's part of a quest...

He was originally an in game advertisement for a discount on games...


That is why most people think you can't beat him any more since the sell he was advertising has been over.


The 'artifact' of question was a coupon for the initial PC release of the game. You could get the artifact by rolling two pair by chance (i.e. - First Roll) and beating him with that.

His presence in the EE must signify SOMETHING. Yet the two pair doesn't beat him. So the strategy's tweaked or he's truly broken.

All's I know is that I was almost late for work today because of that biscuit.

maybe it's cuz he's a holy man?

Glad I found this post before I wasted more than the 30 min I already did on him.  Some good came of it though - in my 3rd game against him, I got the Poker! achievement!  Glad that one is behind me.  :-)  Thanks all for the info here so I can move on.

I got five of a kind against him and still nothing. After reading other comments it's clear what has taken place. There's no point in linking PC games to an Xbox audience, so evidently they removed the prize from our port.

Also, I had forgotten these forums existed until I went googling for answers just now. HAI FORUMS

This was the first dice game I beat, but I thought he was just another guy I had to play to advance in the Poker Face quest.  I'm pretty sure I didn't have too much to win - though fruitless I thinks.

HI Sir LEgendhead!