How to be a good clan leader?

Well I started a new clan with my friends and more have joined, I was given the Leader role and I thought it wouldn't be to hard but it's alot tougher than I thought, Trying to recruit, getting games, setting up sites youtube and gamebattles and other stuff. I wan't to keep this clan going and so far were three days old and have eight members. We've kicked of good bt now it'd up to me to keep it going.
Would any clan leaders have any good advice for me on how t keep it running smooth.


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Hey dude. I am the leader of a clan called Team Forerunner. I'd be happy to give you some pointers.  

First of all, I have 95 memebers, so I know what I am talking about.


1. It's good to see that you are recruiting on several sites. That is a very important part of recruiting.


2. Have regular clan battles if at all possible. That will give your members something to look forward to.


3. Have regular practice times over the weekend so you and your members get to know each other better.


4. Invite your members frequently. Don't let them feel left out. This will make them think they are not wanted and they will most likely quit.


5. Have regular clan meetings. I do this to inform my members of upcoming events, and more information about websites etc.


6. Award and reward your members such as giving them titles. This will make them feel good and will most likely make them want to stay.


7. Expand to many games. My clan is based on all the Halo's, so we are not just on Reach, we are also on ODST, Halo 3 etc.


8. Don't prefer one member over another, no matter how much you may like one memeber or dislike another.


9. Ask what your clan wants to play. Don't just play what you want to play, for that may bore your members.


10. Don't recruit members just so you can get more members. It tells your members that you don't care about them.


11. Choose wise clan members to help you run the clan. They can help you through tough decisions.


These eleven pointers help me run my clan, and because of these pointers I have a very successful clan. You may know some of these pointers, some you may not, but all of these pointers will help you have a successful clan.


I wish you and your clan the best of luck, as many have wished my clan the best of luck when we were new.

Follow these pointers and you can't go wrong.


Spartan I043

Thank you very much.

I'm trying to expand the games over to like Cod 4 and follow your instructions so this will be very helpful.

my suggestion is to host gamenights Everone like GN's

I'm glad I could help.

this is some good tips

Very good tips, I have just started a clan with 0 members.. That is what I am struggling with.

i think another important thing is to assign roles to other members of the clan. They can help u out and keep the ball rolling.

I agree with spartan. But heres some of my advice.

#1 Its important to listen to members who have an opinion.

-This will make it easier to keep your members happy and may be a good idea.

#2 Have people who you think you will hang out with in real life.

- This is so you would treat everyone equally and you will get along better.

#3 Don't Get overwhelmed

Its easy to get overwhelmed with clan battles, clan member request, and recruitment, but keep a clear head an worry about one thing at a time.

#4 If possible give other members jobs be sure to choose these people CAREFULLY!!!!

#5 Make events for you clans

Clan battles, friendly scrims, trying a new game, etc

6#  Stay active

#7 Dont get too serious

-Its good to be serious but not too serious dont boss your members around too much  

thanks ill keep those tips in mind lots of people left clan and removed me so ill try these tips

join United Clans on, its a clan community, we can help you over there.

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