How to add stat banner to sig?

As you can see below, whenever I try I just get the addy. Something I'm not turning on or off?


Any advice appreciated.


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Did you put "img" brackets around the url?

No, Where do I find them? Or do I just type something?

just type

[img/ in front and then a bracket at the end

When you click the link on for the picture to use, use the BBCode one (middle one).  Just copy and paste the whole thing into your sig box.

I used the HTML one and then used the HTML button when editing the sig. A pop up window came up and I pasted the HTML code there and boom.

In order to do it right you need to do it like this:

*img& Image url */img&

if you want the picture to link to a website it has to look like this:

*url=website url&*img&Image Url*/img&*/url&

Replace * with [ and & with ]



A image that links to

If you scroll over the image it tells you what website the picture will link you to.

That's pretty cool!  I'll have to try it sometime.

Thanx folks, it worked.