How the hell do i access the Leonardo DLC? I've downloaded it more than once also i've completed the game so how do i access it? "help"!!!


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I have not been there for some time. But when I got it. The Icon just showed up on the map. You might have to re down load it. If you really don't have it. Don't worry. If you already paid for it, you can re down load it. I'm online tonight. if you need more help send me a PM.

I figured out that you have to sit through the DL. If you leave the screen while DLing, it stops at whatever point you were at. Which sucks because it's a 1.4GB DL. Just turn it on and start DL and walk away for a while

That's a major flaw in the system. If you access DLC through the game and download it, you'll be unable to continue. If you start it at the dashboard, however, then you'll be able to play while it downloads. Note that online play will pause the download.

When the download is complete, you need to access sequence 3, and complete mission 1 (the Thief Guild mission). When that's completed, you can access the DLC for "The da Vinci Disappearance".