How should I do my playthroughs

I just recently picked up the borderlands again to get ready for borderlands 2 but I don't know how I should playthrough it. I have the goty edition so I have all the dlcs. I wanna get all the achievements for but people say that the mad moxxi underdome riot achievements are the hardest to get by yourself. I have a silver membership so I can't really play with anyone else. Besides the mad moxxi achievements I can get the rest by myself. How should I do my playthroughs? Can I do mad moxxi underdome riot solo? What level would be best to start it on?

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You "can" do it solo but as you've been told the Mad Moxxi UnderDome DLC achievements are quite a chore for this awesome shooter. The Small Rounds are not much of a challenge but it's the Large Rounds that are the pain. Playing alone can get easily tedious and adds the "Chore" effect to this DLC. If I remember correctly the level you are determines the level in the Arenas, but I suggest getting around 50+.

Do your playthoughs the way you want to, that's a major point of a RPG.

The other DLC expansion achievements are much easier, but this game is much more enjoyable when playig with others.

I'm considering doing the Moxxi DLC solo too.  I've posted on a few threads in here where people are looking for LEGIT co-op players who don't mod, but have only gotten a few messages rather than F/R's.  Well, I guess I did get a F/R from someone but it was from the UK, so they're never on when I am.  : /

Anyway, my theory of how to do the Underdome DLC is to play through the game on playthrough 2 and get my character maxed... maybe do the other DLC before I do the Underdome DLC. Then I'll take that character and switch to playthrough 1 for the Underdome. Hopefully that will give me an advantage and I'll be able to grind through it quicker since I will have better weapons and such from doing a playthrough with tougher enemies...

I Agree with the others, if you are on your 2nd playthrough, do the General Knoxx DLC first, they typically drop better weapons on your second playthrough ! This will help you, a little, lol It can be done but clear your schedule, it's a grind !! Good luck !