How Reviving Works

I got some confirmation from Alan Kertz (@Demize99) on the specifics of being revived. It's pretty interesting.

First of all, as soon as a medic zaps you, anything that happens to the medic afterwards does not matter. Once that revive happens, you're presented with the option of accepting or declining a revive. You can press A immediately and just like in previous BF games, you'll be brought back into the fight in a split second (this time, with no immunity period, thankfully). (Note that if you die immediately after being revived, you cannot get revived again until your next life. However, if you accept the revive in a safe place, if you die again after a little more gameplay time you can get revived a second time in the same life. These revives do not count as deaths.)

You have another option, though. While the dialog is presented that asks you if you accept or decline the revive, you will be stuck in prone position with a pistol. That way, you can assess the situation of whether or not it's a good idea to come back and fire at anybody around your body. Apparently, there is no time limit in how long you can stay in this state (but you are stuck in prone with a pistol), and as soon as you accept the revive you'll jump back to normal.

The good news is, if you decline the revive (or die while deciding), all the time you spent in that prone state with your pistol will come off of your respawn timer. It's a 15 second respawn (for objective modes), so if you get revived, shoot a few dudes with your pistol for 10 seconds but die before accepting the revive, you only have to wait 5 more seconds to respawn.

Sounds like a good system to me! :)


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A link would be nice. This does sound good though. Much improved.

I read some of this on Demize99 tweet early today, Its good to read some more in death detail tho. Good work.

Lemme just get this straight, when you get shot and're not doing anything until a medic revives you, in which you are laying prone with a handgun...with the option to accept or decline. If you decline, you die and respawn. If you accept, you get back up...correct?

If you fall into prone with a handgun every time you die, that is a dealbreaker for me...

Wait, so you're in something like Final Stand from MW2 until you accept or decline? You make it sound like you can lay there and shoot people while trying to decide to get revived or not, how can you be "alive" before accepting to be revived? I'm confused.


If that is the case I will flat out not buy BF3. It would drive me absolutely mad to walk over a guy I think is dead and he shoots me in the back with a pistol, or waits until I pass over him to accept the revive and then shoots me. I had enough of that sh*t in MW2 to last me a life time.

Yeah,I don't like the sound of this!How we gonna Teabag people when they got a pistola in hand?

From what the OP says, you only get the pistol after you have been revived by the medic but have not decided accept or decline...

Sounds ok to me...

Don't like the sound of this at all, reminds me too much of CoD last stand.....

I don't think I like this, what was wrong with the old system? you die, you get zapped and your back up....whats with this you get zapped, pull a pistol out and wait for the guy to come by so you can shoot him and then get up cr*p?

My guess is that you will be prone with a pistol while deciding that you want to be revived or not but you won't be able to shoot. I'll just be a little animation for you to assess the situation around you.

I'm pretty sure you can shoot with the pistol, but you guys are missing the point. A medic has to revive you first. It's not any different from previous battlefield games. Doesn't anybody realize how it is in BC2 where you get revived immediately with your main gun and you're invincible for at least an entire second? If this is a dealbreaker for you, you're not understanding the system properly, just wait and see how it works in the beta. But if there is a dude who's been revived and he's in prone, he's not going to look dead.

To repeat, you do NOT go into prone after dying. When you die, you automatically start loading the respawn screen and "who killed you" and all that. As soon as a medic revives you, instead of jumping up with invincibility and your main gun, like in previous BF games, you get revived in prone with a pistol until you accept or decline.

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