how often do you run into a dragon?

So I got the game a when it was released but have only just started playing it - the game seems awesome so far and i'm enjoying doing some sidequests but i'm a bit hesitant to complete the first dragon quest because I know that triggers them to attack you at random throughout the game and I want to enjoy more of the side quests without getting ambushed all the time - so once that first story mission involving a dragon is done, how often do you get ambushed? is it annoyingly often and is it just in certain places?


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It's fairly frequent... You will have to fight several. Don't be afraid to slow down and take the first dragon later.

For what ever reason the last 2 times I have ran into dragons they have come in pairs. One of those times there was a pissed of bear that wanted in on the action as well. I was thinking great with my luck some rabbits will try to bite my ankles off any second.

I agree with others in that I run into them frequently; however, with my characters typically having sneak as their highest attribute, I can often sneak away from a fight if need be.

I seem to only run into them when i fast travel to a town.

I'd say its 7/10 times.

Although it really helps Killing them when 6+ people are firing bows LOL

i've even had it help me complete a few quests, like the one in morthal about the little girl.

Although, i do miss buying Iron ore from hadvars uncle in riverwood :( RIP big guy.

woah - spoiler alert!

A lot of people say they run into dragons quite often but I've been playing since day one, almost everyday from and hour to maybe six, and i completed the first dragon encounter in the second day and I have only run into maybe 12 dragons since then, i have a lot more shouts than souls, I've heard that at the beginning of the game it sets a percentage of dragon encounters that you will have but how true that is I don't know, so my answer would be, you might have a lot or just a few.

I've completed the graybeards quest (spoiler - highlight to read) when you get the first full shout (for want of a better word the force push shout) and I've become the arch mage and a lot of other stuff so i'm quite far into the game but I've only visited whiterun and winterhelm citys/towns so dont know if that has anything to do with it either.

I guess its just the luck of the draw either way you look at it but I could definitely do with more encounters.

I have found there were more dragons in my first 12 levels than in my second 12 levels (and I haven't gotten past that because I keep backing up to do it better). Fast travel to a town or city, especially one without a gate calls them. Using your shout somewhere will call them, especially if you shout several times. My experience was that once you get one or two under your belt they are less scary. I felt the same way about Oblivion Gates.

I think I've killed more dragons than deer....maybe even wolves.

Maybe even bandits :P

Certain locations will trigger a dragon every time you go there. Certain towers for sure.    As far as other encounters with dragons it can be quiet random and happens more when you fast travel to a location where you have already encountered a dragon battle. I have close to 200 hours in Skyrim and have killed probably 55-60 dragons, maybe even more.  But once you level up, the dragons are not that difficult to kill.  I love the dragon battles especially since they always have really good loot.   You should do the first dragon mission for sure because imo the dragons and dragon battles are the best part of Skyrim. 

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