How much. . .

cred do you think you will get in a store if you turn in Halo: Reach? I really need other game and on the only gametype I play they lowered the out of battlefeild thing so there are no good spots to kill people from.


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You'll probably get like $15 for it now. It's been out for 9 months? And that's a pretty pathetic reason to trade it in, but to each their own I guess.

You mean they stopped you cheating by camping somewhere unintended and that's meant you won't be playing Reach anymore...?

People who camp REALLY do get on my nerves.

i dont bother camping on the ledge. i figured out how to counter that a LONG time ago

I think he is one of those people that plays Infection and camps on the ledge in Sword Base.

That's a pretty cheap move, so you're going to quit Reach because you can't camp on the ledge in Sword Base? That's a pretty low thing to do.

Is it wrong to say the Reach forum is that way?--->