How much XP actually required to gain a level?

I can't seem to find info on this.  Just wondering how much XP required to gain a level?  Does it go up the higher you get?  I noticed that i usually went up a level after big missions, so the increase couldn't be that big.


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You need 1000xp to gain a level and this is a fixed figure so doesn't increase the higher you level up like ME1does..


You gain 1000xp for main story missions and recruitment missions.


750xp for loyalty missions.


125xp for N7 missions (missions found by scanning planets).


After you get the Long Service achievement (completing ME1 & ME2, or ME2 twice), you get a 25% xp bonus for all missions - 1250; 963; 156.

Awesome, thanks.  I'm getting the 1250 for story missions, so that should help level up faster.  I wanted to do one more really extensive renegade play and get close to 30 if I could.

Any idea if there is any XP for DLC missions?

Arrival, LotSB & Overlord give you 1000.


Kasumi & Zaeed give you 750.


Normandy crash site gives you 200.


Firewalker gives you 125 for each individual mission.