How much time did you waste on your online character?

What level was your character? How much money did you have? How much was your apartment? Did you have any special cars?  I was level 35 with a $217,000 apartment. I had $230,000 and a Comet that was as good as it could get for my level. When I tried to get on today, all that was gone. Please, share your experience


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Level 33 with the cheapest garage $89,000 but I had participated in over 50 races and 30 deathmatches. I have almost 48 hour invested into my character. I had every weapon and upgrade avalible to me. And I did a ton of missions. Had maxed out driving and stamina. And 2 bars from maxed flying.

I'm done. It was a good idea but I can't waste that much time. This is their biggest mistake by far. Hell most of my character's data is still on the R* social club site. Yet I can't use it.

To be fair I aint lost much I had a bmw 5 series looking thing was level 20 but earnd about 250k total. Im jist annoyed about leveling up to gain weapons and that all over again. I wont be though the games going I give up with it.

34 level

400,000 apartment

3 stolen vehicles with about 400,000 in upgrades

Level 46

$140 000 apartment

$240 000 vacci with about $150 000 in upgrades

$100 000 Comet with same

$650 000 F*****g Cheetah with about 200 000 in upgrades


I didn't waste my time. even though my character got deleted I am still having fun with the game. I don't care about rank etc. I am playing the game for fun not for a rank or apartment etc.

Basically you're playing to kill people as they walk out of stores in free roam. And act like you're cool for doing it.

No, I do not play with random players.... I only play with friends! we do jobs and missions, go mess around do anything fun! Like going to the army base and try to sneak kill them and sneak in to get the jets to mess around in!  it's not all about PVP for people or ranks or in game money! it's about having fun.

Spent 400k on my apartment., Had 3 cars upgraded in my garage totaling at about 300k. 200k in the bank. lvl 25 or 26.

Is there any news on whether they will restore lost characters? I refuse to start over with the tut. Spent countless hours trying to get through once. Even if they have fixed that, I am not starting over just to have Rockstar f*** me again.

how did people lose their characters?

[quote user="Beanie The Dog"]

how did people lose their characters?


Rockstars cloud servers keep going down and up, all our online progress are saved on those servers! if they keep having problems we risk losing all our progress! hopefully they'll have it fixed asap!

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