How much do you carry

Without having a house, or a safe place to put items so they wont get stolen I find myself carry items nearing to my max. Is there a safe place to keep (needed) items where you can return to pick an item up if I needed it for whatever job / quest I’m working on. I try to sell off items I don’t need but then I come across a job where that item would be needed. I know when I clear out a cave some caves are taken over by other raiders, and some abandon houses are looted often by others.


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Yes, the two barrels near Warmaiden's have never respawned in 200+ game days nor has the barrel by Riverwood Trader's . No one goes into the shell of a house by the Western Watch Tower so it's floor is safe and it has a usable bed.

I've only used it to put accidentally stolen items that I don't want to bother fencing in there but I agree with Lady Bastet, I have never had anything disappear from those two barrels.

But I would recommend buying a houseanyway, you'll be able to put different types of items in different places making it much easier to organize your stuff.

The inn in helgen there is a wardrobe and a end table near the bed that never respawn also you can use the bed. So its like a free house only problem is helgen gets bandits. So you'll have to fight your way to the inn

If you followed the Stormcloak of of Helgrin, his sister gives you a key to her house. There are barrels in there that can be used to store stuff. I assume the blacksmith will do the same if you followed the Imperial.

Joining the College of Wizards will give you a room with several barrels, end tables, and wardrobes which do not reset.

Why haven't you bought a house though?

The Abandoned Shack involved with the Brotherhood has some barrels, a wardrobe, and a usable bed. Don't think those reset either.

I just keep everything in one place. If you place stuff all over the world. You'll never find it when you need it.

If your A member of the Thieves guild there are about 20 or so chest in there that you can use to store you items. Although you should just go and buy a house tho the one in whiteun is only 5000 septims.

Always handy to keep a draught of extra strength potion on hand for emergency use

Here's some free shacks with safe areas.


Alchemist's Shack: has two barrels and an endtable for containers. Also has the benefit of an alchemy lab.

Meeko's Shack: has a barrel and an endtable for containers. However, the barrel respawns and so do the shelves, regularly filling the house with junk.

Riverside Shack: has one safe wardrobe and a bed. See this page for more details on safe containers.

Abandoned Shack: this is where you take part in the initiation of the Dark Brotherhood.

Traitor's Post: has two wardrobes and a cupboard that you can store items in. The chest there resets along with the bandits.

Lund's Hut: north-northwest of Rorikstead. Farm house with non-functioning bed. Only the chest and end table are safe containers.

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