How many times have you guys and girls beaten the game on Legendary with all Skulls on?

I have beaten the game with all skulls on with other players.


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If you're referring to Mythic then you deserve much praise, however - Mythic is not an official difficulty but people generally accept it as SLASO Solo,Legendary,All,Skulls,On.

I only managed sierra 117, after many many tries...

The hardest thing(s) are that you have the blind skull on which is a real pain, the fact the enemy AI only have one person to target and that you can't die - very simple isn't it.

Oh yeh, there's also the fact you've got nigh-invincible enemies and absolutely no ammo to kill them with.

I have never done so, but I wouldn't do it co-op if I were going to.


Also, if you ignored Blind (which I would consider, since it's just annoying) I think it would be reasonably easy, barring a few spots.


They actually took blind off the requirements when they used to do the Mythic difficulty weekly challenges on Halo Reach - I found that its really only a comfort thing as opposed to a true obstacle. But trust me when I say doing SLASO is not easy regardless, solely because of the black eye/iron combo - if one of them is disabled then even with blind it's a piece of cake.

Never.  I've beaten Solo Legendary twice though.