How many places have you discovered? SPOILERS?

Angelus and I were talking on XBL Tuesday night about how many discoverable locations there are in this game and I don't believe either of us was sure at the end of the night. I just discovered Thrond's Altar tonight, and I'm up to 380 now in all three DLC's. I still don't believe that's all of them by any means. I looked in the wikis, IGN and elsewhere and there seems to be no definitive answer. Over 400 seems likely though. I'm only talking about places where you receive a message similar to "Thrond's Altar discovered", which prompts them to register in the stats tab of the pause menu. 


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I have 403 locations discovered across all DLC.

301 locations discovered in my stats :)

I will have to look to be sure. I think I maxed at about 360-370 including all DLCs. I know there were some soldier camps I didn't find and some daedric shrines I didn't go to.

I only ask because I'm now walking everywhere, especially where there are obvious "holes" in my map and am finding two or three places a day, I think I'm @ 392 now. Found the Serpent Stone, Yngol's Barrow and the Stormcloak's camp near Windhelm last night.... didn't go in Yngol's yet, but I let Frea rout the camp while I sat by their fire with my coffee and charred Skeever tail and Leeks.

Until I check the wiki's for any related quests, I will not go inside these new places. Don't need anymore glitches!

Now I'm at 392

Yngol's Barrow requires the coral dragon claw you buy from Brina's in Winterhold. It is a small but interesting and unique variant on the barrow theme. The first time I went in I got killed by Yngol. As for that stormcloak camp. I went by there with the Imperial who finished the main quest that I turned into a conjuration mage. I never joined either faction but they apparently think I'm on the side of the Imperials because they attacked me when I walked by. Since I never started the civil war there was a named dude in there who wouldn't die. I finally fled the scene and he didn't give chase for too long.

Hi Lady B, Thanks for the intel on that barrow. I have all the claws in the safe at Proudspire and will fetch the needed one before I go in.

I took the side of the Imperials in the civil war with my first character, and when I find one of these camps, the Stormcloacks set upon me with fervor, as was the case with the camp we encountered last night. I wanted to see how Frea (Skall village) would do so I took a seat, collected a few arrows (in my brain housing group) while she wiped the floor with them.

BTW, no matter the side you choose, there is always be a named commander you can not kill in these camps, and a tent with injured soldiers you can not heal. General Tallus and Legate Rikke both tasked the Dragonborn with mopping up these pockets of resistance, so like a good... ahem... soldier,

I wipe them out. Except the guy that won't die of course. Once he kneels though, I scamper off or steal a horse if any are present.

Exception, last night I spared the one injured soldier in the Windhelm camp, the only injured female casualty I've yet encountered in the rebel camps. When I saw her, I remembered an old couple in the Rift somewhere, who couldn't talk their only daughter out of joining the Cloaks. She did so proudly, went off to war and regrettably, as too often occurs, never returned.

BTW, do you think there are Stormcloak Camps because your race is Imperial? Are there Imperial camps too? Since you did not take sides I am wondering how this works, as my second character will likely remain neutral.

You're a good person, Geddy. That's one reason why I didn't join either side. I knew they would want me to do things I didn't want to do. Everytime I go to Markarth with any character since the first, I up up and around to avoid the Vigilant who wants me to help in the Daedric house. If you talk to him you have to go in and then you can't get out without killing the poor ***.

Anyway, there is one Imperial and one Stormcloak camp in each hold and I have never taken a side and never been attacked at any of them except that once. The Imperial Camp in the Rift is a marker for one of the ways into Arcwind Point.

Why thank you M'lady, I only wish I could've healed the poor girl.

I know that Vigilant well, with my second character, I end conversations with him before he enlists my aide. She has pressing business in Markarth, with Calcemo and that quest line and the vigilant is always standing there. She has turned him down so often now I half expect him too have a tin cup and a monkey next time we meet.

My Nord, not realizing the full scope of the quest, did him the favor and if I remember correctly, 86'd him afterward.... I do not play well with zealots on any side of a fence. The Silver Hand, Vigilants of Stendarr, Cultists, Vampires, Foresworn, and especially Thalmor, should avoid me, and probably you too I gather... : )

I found the stairs that go up to the house you can buy and use them to go around the vigilant. I see I'm not allowed to call the vigilant a sch**muck. I certainly didn't think that was a bad word. Amazon doesn't approve of id**t.

I really hated getting dragged into daedric quests without seeking them for myself, especially since so many are nasty as opposec to the ones in Oblivion. Their some of them I wouldn't do either but they still weren't as bad as some of these.

Speaking of Oblivion, it is really cheap on the marketplace today with most of the little addons pretty cheap though not Shivering Isles. I kind of wish they would put Tales of Vesperia back on sale cheap. I have the disk and so didn't get it at Christmas but if I had it on demand I wouldn't have to keep changing disks.

I'm definitely a bit more discerning on my latest build, where she goes what factions she takes over. Definitely joining the guild, if only to kill that rat-b4stard mercer frey to give poor Karliah some peace at last. Definitely going to wipe the floor with the DB as well.

Thanks for tip about Oblivion, I will get it tomorrow, what a good price. How,many DLC were released and which one would you reccomend, I start with. Hard to tell the order of release.

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