How Many of You Liked Brink?

just bringing it up cos people trashed on it and i thought it was a step in the right direction for FPS!!!

so with that i cant connect to servers and campaign has froze up 2wice so ill be waiting to get on the Battlefield

have fun all !!!


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i returned brink after 4 hours of play......i wasnt even sure if i was playing online or not! It was pants in every way , too much info on screen bad gameplay .............just my opinion obviously

Brink was horrible.

I enjoyed it when I wasn't playing with bots, but then at some points the matches were very one sided. It had good ideas, executed poorly. I returned it about a week and a half after I bought it due to lack of an online community.

Garbage game.

Brink campaign was ok, but the online was so horribly laggy that I couldn't even play it.  I'm glad I redboxed it.