How Many Maps Will you Play?

Is it going to be like Gears 2 where you just play about  the same 4 maps over and over again?


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I hope it isn't like that, but with only 10 maps, it might be possible.

But then again, if these 10 maps are great, then it wouldn't bother me much.

10?   No map-pack like flashback?  That brought Gears 2 to 15.  I'm pretty sure most people had it anyway.

Either way you rarely see half the maps.  Jacinto, Security, River & Blood Drive all the time.  You'd think people would get tired of those and start voting something else.

I'll play the good ones.

Gridlock for the music.

With the Beta all we played were 4 maps and I didn't have an issue with them. They were all fun. i didn't like Trenches but It wasn't bad.

They added a new feature to Trenches btw!!!!

yeah, i didnt like the trenches at first but after a while it became one of my favorites. what new feature might that be "lildogg" ?

i want to try all the maps several times before i decide which one i like best.