How many betas/demos have you played where...

the final build was WAY different from the beta build? For me, there is only one. Timeshift. A garbage demo for that game came out not long after the 360 released. Several years later, the game came out repolished and looked/played way different than the first demo.


All the people defending this game claim that the final product will be WAY better. I'd like to believe you, but even if this is an alpha, how different was the PC alpha compared to the PC beta? Not much.


If you have any complaints about the graphics or gameplay, don't let the fanboys fool you. This is what the game is going to be like. There might be less bugs and more maps but I'd say this is pretty much what we are going to get.


I will be VERY surprised if the final game is as different as everyone claims it will be.


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Hmm... Crysis 2 Alpha and Beta on the 360 definitely. Can't exactly say what changed though because that would be breaking a NDA.

That still backs my point. That is just one game. Out of how many?

Crysis 2 and halo reach I think

Reach beta and the final were the same graphical and base gameplay wise. Weapons and their reactions were changed.

Medal of Honor...? That beta had some serious issues if I remember correctly. Not that the MoH retail game didn't as well, but it wasn't nearly as bad.

Gears 3 beta and its a Ps3 game it was Resistance 3. Resistance 3 retail is very bad online.. so many problems.

I was extremely disappointed in this beta.  This is nothing what the videos I have seen captured in the way of gameplay and graphics.  Everyone who thinks the final retail version is going to be much better...well, I truly hope you are correct.  Im officially holding off buying this game until I see it used.  Try it out and if I dont like will return.  Everything about this game so far looks worse than BC2 or BC1.  I'll be playing the Crysis DLC and Rage.  Im an I.T. project manager and I know what a test cycle is and I truly doubt this game is any different on release (except a few bugs and glitches).  I have no doubt that modern warfare 3 will be stellar as far as living up to its traditional standards....BF3 has let us down.  I really hope I eat my words on release day.