How many assassinations have you performed in one whole game?

I have performed 4 as evidenced here:

I know it's not a lot. I'm sure somebody out there has performed more but I than I have. ;)


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I believe my max is 9.


I have just performed 5 in one game here:

Please provide links if you can.

My game happened too long ago. I really don't feel like going back and looking to prove myself lol

about 14 with skill.against afks i got was months ago so i doubt the video would be there

In one game?  Like, 2.

I have 544 in all.

I have had a max of 13 assassinations in one game

    Well, I don't have any proof but what I'm about to say is really low, so I'm sure it'll be believable. I usually don't take the assassination unless nobody is around. If anyone is even within site I will do a quick smack assassination.


    So, with that in mind I would say I've probably done 3 in one game before and I think it was to get a challenge.

12 animated and 48 classic assassinations, oh hockey how i used to enjoy you