how many animals have you fought at once?

4 cave bears

1 reg. bear

2 spriggons(tree things)

2 sabre cats

1 deer & 1 elk (i think they were there to see me get killed for shooting all there buddies)

ans a handfull of skeevers.

 game lagged like crazy and this battle ensued for a good while, but i came out on top.

anyone else care to share some crazy woodland creature attacks.



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does the entire city of whiterun + a dragon count?

I bet that was fun^^^

i attempted to pickpocket a guards amulet and failed so he and the whole town came after me.. and at the same time a dragon came and attacked us all.. and the townspeople STILL CHASED ME!! LOL

One dragon, two mammoths, two giants and a bear (or sabre cat, I can't remember).

2 Giants and 5 Mammoths..they count?

Most I fought was 5.  Three wolves, then I ran into a bear and a sabre cat fighting each other.  Fireball worked great though.

I fought 2 frost dragons, 2 giants, 3 wolves & a bear all at the same time.  Luckily the giants & dragons were fighting each other as well so I was able to take out the animals while keeping an eye on the giants & dragons.  Finally killed one dragon then had to deal with the giants while the 2nd dragon continued to swoop in and blast us all with frost.  Got one giant killed and then was able to put down the 2nd dragon with an arrow from afar.  Both dragon corpses were right next to each other so while I absorbed 2 dragon souls at one time, I finished off the 2nd giant.  Then of course I didn't save it right away, took off into the frozen wasteland between Winterhold & Dawnstar only to be killed by a couple Ice Wraiths.  Lost it all FML.

I didn't fight them, but I got 3 falmer, 4 of those charus bug things, 1 giant and a dwarven centurian battling each other. Needless to say, the giant DESTROYED them all, including the centurion, with one hit.

2 snow bears.  They just stood there growling while I leveled up my bow nicley.

Oh, and 3 snow trolls, one good shout and over the mountain they went.

5 bandits

there was another fight with a sabre and two wolfs, and then there was the fight with like 3 sabre's I think. Its mostly just been small critters though. I have yet to see a dragon fight with a bear or sabre

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