How long to play through DA Origins + DLC?

Hi everyone


Just a quick question.  I've been given a copy of DA Origins to borrow, along with the complete DLC disc.


My free time can be quite limited and I've also got DA 2 to play after this, so I'm just wondering... how long roughly does it take to work through?  Assuming I do plenty of the side quests too?  And how long with the DLC quests on top?




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Having just finished the game + all DLC's I can now give people a rough idea how long the game takes... Bare in mind that I completed most, if not all side quests for each content and got all the achievements apart from one. I'll put them in order of what I played them.

Dragon Age Main Game (Including the 3 DLC that can be played in-game) = 50Hrs

Lelliana's Song = 3Hrs

Darkspawn Chronicles = 2.5Hrs

Dragon Age Awakening = 15Hrs

The Golems of Amgarrak = 2Hrs

Witch Hunt = 2Hrs

So all together it took me about 75 hours (wow). Thoughroughly enjoyed DA:O!

I just beat the game last night, also doing the in-game DLC (Warden's Keep, Return to Ostagar, Stone Prisoner) and my total time was around 50 hours on Hard Difficulty. Still have Darkspawn, Leliana's Song, Awakening, Golems and Witch Hunt to do.

I think 40-50 hours is a good estimate, depending on how fast you pick things up , and if you get your hands on decent maps.

Finally beat the main story as well as the in-story DLC but I did not complete all the side quests sadly. Gametime was 66 hrs. Just started Awakenings. This game is epic

Depends on the difficulty, how much you do, and if you know what to do. 40-50 hours for me usually.

I've recently started playing it the game is huge. I (think) I'm quite far into the main storyline, I've done as many side quests as I can and I've done only one DLC so far (which is one that you can do during the stroy mode). So far thats took me about 40Hrs.

Still having played it for this long I'm still not bored :D - its a great game!