How Is the Online Play?

how is the online play in this game? a lot of people playing it online? thinking about picking it up. what is your opinions? thanks!


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I tried all nite last nite to get into a Hardcore lobby without getting in.  I played about 20 games of CQ/Rush.  Only one had rubberband lag.  And I got booted from the server after death 3 times.  There are a ton of servers going, so you do not have to wait for a game.

The Campaign sucked IMO and was a chore to finish.  But this game is all about MP anyway.

To get the best experience possible when playing this game you have to play it with 3 other friends imo. It's still fun running solo though, but you'll have questions, lots of questions. The MP is a blast, but there is a slight learning curve to this game and that learning curve depends on how fast you can pick up on how the game works. Playing this game like CoD or Halo will only get you killed over and over again, frustrate you and make you quit.


For the most part, online works and the games are always full. You'll never be short of people to play with or against. They still have some issues to iron out, but I have been able to play the game everyday since release and it seems to be getting better.


Also be sure to buy your game new so can ensure that you get the code(comes with new game)that allows you access to play on the online servers. If you buy the game used, you'll have to buy the online code for an additional $10, so now you won't be surprised if you decide to go the "used game" route.

I find that it is easy to play COD after playing BF3, but it is not easy to play Battlefield after playing COD.  COD rewards movement and run/gun play.  Battlefield rewards patience and tactics....usually.

I'd say Battlefield rewards team work over everything else. Which is why I stress playng BF3 with friends first and foremost.

the online play is good. there are plenty of people playing online.

as a CoD player and first time BF player, i would say this about the muliplayer as the campaign is insignificant. the MP gameplay is definately different in some ways.

big maps, more options, overall slower pace.

 i spent the first few days playing like i do Cod... running and gunning and capping objectives. while this is fine, there is so much more to do.  lately i have been spending entire games in a tank. blowing up people, vehicles, running people over, repairing my ride, and getting blown up myself....good times.

wanna be a jet fighter, a heli pilot, a gunner on the heli, a tank operator, a medic reviving your team, etc? you can do it all.

there are a lot of different ways to help your team. this game does not make you feel like it is a K/D contest which i love. it is truly about the greater good.(for most)

there are only a couple of game modes which kinda sucks. conquest is my favorite. it is similar to domination. rush is fun. TDM is kinda blah in BF3 imo.

there are issues i have such as not being able to leave a lobby and the objective icons blocking your view in the game. the in game menu requires some exploring. the game manual sucks balls. some of the controls are just stupid imo. also, no one communicates. it is no better than CoD except less cursing and racist remarks. there are other things too.

this game is not about spawning and immediately being in a firefight as soon as you turn the corner, although it does happen. you have some control

where you spawn at.

overall this game makes you feel like you are on a battlefield and you need to use certain tactics to benefit the team and get a win, where as Cod is more of a frantic pace of killing and being killed. BF3 can feel like this at times too, but overall its about being the type of soldier that seems fun to you and there are a lot of options here.

this game is no better or worse than MW3 will be.....just different which is a good thing.

i would suggest a purchase if you can afford it.

The Multiplayer is  a lot of fun, when the servers are not lagging or booting you in the middle of a game. There are still some server issues but they are being worked on supposedly.

ive never had any lag or been booted from a game,online is an amazing gaming experiance.

so does this game run better on the 360 or ps3? whats the better console out there for these games right now and whats the better online service right now?

How does the battlefield games compare to the call of duty games? What are the difference between the two?

[quote user="Cdawgx7"]

How does the battlefield games compare to the call of duty games? What are the difference between the two?

[/quote] One requires teamwork, communication, and skill. The other does not.

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