How is the Multiplayer????

Hey guys I wanted to know if the multiplayer was any different and i'm not talking about lag or any of that.   I have had both Gears of War and didn't really enjoy the multiplayer and was really bad at them.. Is this one any different?? I really didn't like Gears 2 mutli at all!! Even when it was patched and fixed it was just a bunch of people rolling around with shotguns.. So what I was wondering do you think its different enough for people who didn't like it before that they might now??  Also wondering if there is still host advantage.. I remember on Gears 1 and 2 I could shoot a wall and the bullets would hit like 2 seconds after i hit the button with lag but the game was never laggy as far as movement to me.. Let me know and Thanks Ahead of time!!


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dedicated servers so no lag or host advantage but its very fustrating online. people charge at you, blind fire the sawed off shoty, and then run off. the game is lame imo.

i like it first gears game i have played