How is the 3-D for this game?

I already played the game and enjoyed it.  Just wondering how the 3-D is?  If it is really nice or just a gimmic to sell the game more?  I do have a 67 inch HD DLP TV if that would make a difference for the 3-D or just be same on any TV.


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It hurts my eyes!

If you're a diehard, I'd still recommend getting it if you find a good price, you can get those achievements all over again (1000GS calculated separately) and it's one of those things that is nice to pull out once in awhile.  If you're not a hardcore Batfan or XBOX enthusist, you can download the extra maps (for free I think) and pretty much all ready have it, minus the 3D technology, with the original.  Great Glasses...:-)

I was going to spring for the GOTY edition but now that I've seen a few of your guys' comments, I don't think I'll be getting it. Especially now that I've gotten all of the achievements for the original edition just today. I've had this game since it's release date. :)

I'll echo M3gaToxic's comments, looks great, but after about 30 minutes or so my eyes feel like they need a break...:-)

It is pretty cool but i would not sit through the whole game with as my eyes start to hurt and it is just weird. Really playing the game without 3D is just as great too.

Depends on preference to some degree, and I've never really cared for 3D.  It looks decent enough, but as you said just comes off as more of a gimmic than anything else.  The glasses just wash out the colors and take away from the overall detail in the world.  I find it far more enjoyable to just play normally and fully experience the graphics in the detailed world Rocksteady created, give me good graphics on a good tv anyday over 3D with paper glasses.