How is it!

I can't pick this up right now because money is tight right now. Just wanted to know what you guys think about the game, and whats your likes and dislikes about it.


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I only played one of the challenges so far (Celtics -vs- Atlanta). Computer still cheats of course. I don't think that will ever change. My main grievance with the game is no fouls were call for my players, even though I was hacked and knocked to the floor many times. No sure what's up with that. I went into the paint many time and go crushed with no calls. Was total BS. Still don't like the defense scheme. CPU can easily roll around you even if you are block their path. I even saw player run right through my guy for a dunk. Game still have lots of bugs from the 2K11. The game still played great. It played much better then the demo actually. Very smooth. You CPU players are still dumb as a door knob. I actually watch Kevin McHale leave his man to help guard Parrish's guy for no reason. Then the guard passed the ball to the man McHale was suppose to be guarding for an easy dunk. WTF? It didn't happened all the time, but it happened several times in one game. I never see this happen with the CPU teams you play against. This is how the game cheats.


I noticed on all-pro last year they would cheat like that sometime. If I get the game soon I will play my player first, then see if you can play a game without having to wait thirty minutes for a match, hopefully they fix that.

So far I've only played for 3 hours and this game is amazing.  I haven't gotten deep into the modes likes My Player and the challenge, but so far so good. 2k released an amazing game.  

Only played My player so far and it looks pretty solid. Tried to get into a team up match and was unable to connect with anyone and later on in the day the 2k servers were down so the online problems are still there early on. Lets see how long it takes them to fix it and if its stable afterwards. There's no crew and my player pick up games also.

I take that back was able to get into a few team up games late in the night almost lag free. :D

It's smooth as hell.  The new moves are amazing.  I'm gonna have to do the Training Camp a few times to get them all down.  My Player is WAY better this year than it's ever been.  You actually feel like a top of the line rookie instead of starting out at 42 overall.  

My Player is harder this year, but it's good..  

My Player doesn't seem harder to me. Maybe because I'm playing a lower difficulty right now. So far getting skills points are anywhere as hard as last year.