How is Co-op?

Being only to have time to pick this game up at the midnight launch, then not being able to play it yet, i was wondering how the co-op was? How many maps are there and is co-op for only 2 players at a time, or is it like onslaught for BF:BC2 where there is 4 players at one time?


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Or is no one playing it?

In order to play Co-OP, you need to be connected with EA's servers. And as of now, their servers are like a fishing boat in a storm at sea. It goes up then down. Up and down.

I played it twice with some randy...It was neat, except I had the javelin and M249 trying to hold the enemy off/shoot the tank, while the other guy went prone 100 feet behind me and sniped..I ended up reviving him twice before I died. Second time, he went down within 30 seconds then I died reviving him...gave up after that and will only do it with non idiots or my friends.

It's pretty cool, as long as you get someone who understands the meaning of co-op. Co-op is NOT 2+ people in a game doing whatever they want. It's 2+ people WORKING TOGETHER to get it done, and you HAVE to work together to succeed in Battlefield 3 co-op. The second mission ("Fire in the Sky" I think) is difficult if you or the other person doesn't know how to fly a helicopter...