How i, ZODEMERE, became a God in Skyrim!

 Now i never used all my perks and still have a dozen or so saved up and i'm level 67. I always play as a destruction type Wizard so i started off by bringing Destruction to 100 and using perks on everything in there except the intense flames, deep freeze and disintegrate.  Then i got Enchanting to 100 and used perks on EVERYTHING in there.  Next i then got my Smithing to 90 and used enough perks to get Daedic armor and then made a Armor and Helmet, improved them legendary, and enchanted the Armor with Destruction spells cost 25% less + Destruction spells cost 15% less w/ magicka regenerates 10% faster, the Helmet with Destruction spells cost 25% less and increase magicka by 62 points. Then i enchanted a necklace and ring with the same thing the Helmet has ie Destruction spells cost 25% less and increase magicka by 62 points.   Now when i goto cast a destruction spell is doesn't show my magicka bar so i'm able to cast infinite without using any mana and then i pair it with slow time and i'm now a God of Skyrim just like i have been in all the previous Elder Scrolls!!! 


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My character could stealth kills yours before he even knew what happened. :P

Most ridiculously cocky and amateurish person I've seen yet.


You go, oh God of Elder Scrolls, you go.

You realize a lot of people with the Oghma Infinium or w/e glitch can out God you? lol Lvl 81>lvl 67

 It's not the level that counts, it's wut u can do and how u figured it out yourself.  For instance if u do the math i have well over 115% less cost per destruction spell which means they cost nothing LOL and i then use this power to constantly throw fireballs, lightning storms, and ice spears at anthing that moves and i don't stop ever except to freeze time to drink a potion of complete healing!  I can't be beat by anything in Skyrim!!!

Vivec thought the same thing in Morrowind. Look at him now.

I just found this out today. I didn't think it would be possible to get your cost to be over 100% but just like you, I got my destruction AND restoration to cost me zero magicka. Even the master spells cost zero. Now I can hold the strongest ward up while spamming blizzard. I love this game.