How I git rid of the arrow sticking out of my private parts

So I got into a fight with some rather powerful undead, that were incredibly precise shots with their bows. One ghoul got a lucky groin shot on me, it stuck with me for a over a day or two. Nothing I could do would make it go away; and the gaurds at every village made fun of me (I sware they kept talking about arrows everytme I passed t). So i went home to Whiterun to sulk and hide my preverted pinochio.I thought maybe I have been cursed by item, something to do with archery perhaps. So I dropped an Orcish of Archery that I had lifted from some bandits on the table, nothing happened, and I the left greenish glowing helm on a table and left it there. I kept trying to ask Lydia to pull the stubborn projectile out, but she just kept saying "Im sworn to carry your burdens" I couldnt take it anymore, so I decide to STORE ALL OF MY GOODS IN CONTAINER and take a nap, low and behold after I got down to nothing but quest items the arrow had vanished. I proceeded to streak Whiterun with Exection hood on in a victory lap. I also noticed taht my fram rate increased after I lightened my load.


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