How high did you level in the Demo?

I leveled all the monsters i could up to grade two, cant go any higher because theres no grade two components.


I only leveled Noel as a COM, and took him well into the 20's, and i took Sarah part Medic but mainly RAV, and finished on about RAV 20 i think


Do you think the demo will be capped?, im going to find out.... watch this sapce, have to start again though as i finished it.


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I made everyone up to well rounders I leveled my ravager monster - Nekton to Grade 2. Used Relentless Assault. For the Medic highest was Grade 2.  Rarely used him.  My third was a Sentinel the Pulsework Knight - Grade 2.

I found the Uridimmu monster really good. Leveled him up max and infused him with another monster who brought his HP's above 2000. He was causing anywhere from 750-1500 in HP damage. Not even close to what Noel can cause as a commando at this point unless you spend endless hours farming low CP monsters.

I didn't level much, got to around 20 something on Noel's Commando grid + Serah's Ravager grid and maxed out the first tier for a couple of monsters. Tryed fighting Atlas without weakening him and got destroyed.

There's no level cap in the demo, I've seen a vid where someone used a rubberbanded turbo controller and just let it sit there and they had almost maxed their stats out, the ingame clock was over 70 hours.