How hard is it...?

To implement a relatively, sorta, somewhat, kinda close to realistic interception system for this fracking game? I get picked throwing to Andre Johnson into single coverage on the weak side corner...and my online opponent can make pathetically weak completions directly into my zone, or even into double coverage. Even if i knock it down when it's directly in his hands...while my player is the only person in the area, its an absolute joke.

I make a good pass and get picked in single coverage to the best receiver, he makes poor passes all game and i call quality defense...set up 2 pick 6's easily and am rewarded with did he win the game? pick while i throw into single coverage. EA needs to pull their heads outta their asses.

I feel like I know the answer. Is there any way to get what I deserve? In this game in particular, i called shallow zone at scrimmage to the sidelines to defend against the screen/short pass. He threw the short pass really WIDE to the sideline, and my guy came up to it staring it down the entire time and if he caught it there would be nothing but green to a pick 6. He drops it...I called the MOST PERFECT DEFENSE POSSIBLE and I am rewarded with nothing.


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dang someone is mad they lost.  dbs drop a lot of passes, especially along the sideline, its even for everyone.  Instead of crying, practice and get better

Probably shouldn't go deep  a lot.