How good is it?

I was wondering if the past issues have been fixed before going ahead and buying the game and then regretting it. Turn 10 advertise each year and tell us how realistic the games are going to be with all these professional drivers helping them make it. The main problem that I've had with all the Forza games is the amount of laps, 2,3 and 4 lap races. I've never seen a real race like this, I love racing but in the previous Forza games I've had to smash my way through the pack to have a chance on the podium which really if the game was realistic, I should have been disqualified. Is there qualifying, or are you randomly put 7th or something? If because there is only a few laps, is tyre wear drastically exaggerated? eg. tyres failing after 2 laps. Does this game have a career mode that have 20+ laps per race?, is there a need for pitting?, is there qualifying?, do the drivatars randomly smash you?, is there one drivatar that somehow vanishes at the start of the race?, are the crashes realistic? eg punctures, oil spills, yellow flags, safety cars? Or is this game just Forza 4 with some new cars??


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It wont answer all your questions but there is a free demo available on the store which you might want to try out! :)

There are races in this years game that have 80 laps in the career mode, not just free mode, there is no qualifying that I have run into yet,  with the new night racing and weather changes with rain it makes racing more challenging and fun...

Honestly, racing online has to be scaled down, I love Forza Franchise, but I would never race if each one was over 7 laps, I just don't have the time. With that said I love the game so far, I think Turn 10 did a great job of coming up with a nice way to introduce Newbies into the Forza Umbrella.  The Online lobbies feature Class C ghosted sessions, everyone is racing but no slamming into each other. Also Leagues, there is a new ranking system that knows your level and matches you with people in leagues.  This is fantastic, I raced some yesterday and for the occasion hit it was awesome no people doing donuts in the middle of the track cause they can't keep up, but smooth racing.  I even play campaign, which I NEVER DO, this is the best Forza in a very long time. Awesome Game ( I did not get paid to post this, lol)

I have to say I am loving Forza 6. For the past 5 weeks I have been popping 5 in to get back in the swing of things after laying off about 10 months..

I find 6 to be much more enjoyable for all the other reasons the guys above have stated....but what I really like? The way the cars now handle. It seems like the new physics they used are really responsive to driver input..without feeling jerky like 5 did. I can only describe it as WAY smoother.......

What Fastharry said is very true, I thought maybe it was just me, but I have noticed the response and the way the cars handle are different, for the better..

This is a game that can stick in your games rotation for a good 2-3 years EASY.  It's incredible!

^^^ I couldn't agree with D1NO more. I think there is so much to this game that you can spend lots of time with it and still not be bored for years to come.

Forza 6 is a good fun game, but it's FAR too forgiving- when you're a sim racer fan like I am, Forza 6 is too forgiving on track rules and car handling, even with all assists turned off even the wildest cars (like the Koenigsegg Agera) are still tame (such as when you oversteer and then counter steer the car straightens itself back up with ease, which is VERY difficult to do IRL and in other sim racing games).

However the career mode is the best of all racing games.  I spent years playing Forza 3, that game had deep content and the events calendar was looooong.

Best one since Forza Motorsport 2, in my opinion. Shame there's no auction house though. That really would of gotten the community up and running again.