How far have you gotten in COD Black Ops Zombies?

Eh, just incredibly bored and wondering how far some of yas have gotten in cod black ops zombie mode.

For me, on Kino Der Toten, in solo, I can make it about wave 32 before I get bored and let them kill me. When I play co-op, I'm lucky if I can make it to wave 20 thanks to the kid on the team that freaks out and runs an entire train of 30+ zombies into the rest of the team, thus ending our streak..


Ascension is pretty muc the same as above, aswell as call of the dead.

Don't have shangri-la yet..

Five is my favorite and the highest level I ever made it to on my own was like wave 13, wave 29 with friends but man does it get hard. X~x



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I think I got to 13 or 14 I know it wasnt higher then that ( solo ).I dont play BlackOps online so I only go solo.I cant figure out what to do on the John Romero map for the life of me.

Round 7 solo first level

LOL  Yeah . .  now where near as far as you.  I am still in the panicking and screaming and running away from the zombie stage.  But, with a good team who can carry my butt, it is tons of fun!

Amazingly, I find that map to be the easiest. So long as you have the way to the flinger and light house open, you're good to go. I hold my ground on the ship, then fling over to the light house, run downstairs, and hold my ground next to the AK74u, just rum em in a circle and collect ammo there, but after awhile, it gets so repeative you just want the zombies to get you. And as for george, there are two ways to get rid of him, one is with a pack-a-punched VR-11, shoot him in the wat and he'll leave the map for 1-3 rounds, then there's the pack-a-punched scavenger that can kill him too, though even after every bullet hits him, he's still at half life, so you may have to flopper him a bunch of times or pray you get the death machine mini gun.

Oh yeah, with a good team, its alot of fun. :)

Solo on Kino i've gotten to 12 once haha :P


But playing as a team one "Five" we got to I think 18 once. And to 22 on Kino. I dont have any of the DLC because I refuse to pay 1200 points for it but the last two zombie maps do look like a lot of fun.

Solo - 13

Online - 18

I am woeful at Zombies, but I think my highest online level was 35 on Kino der Toten.