how does the combat engineer ribbon work?

it say's to work on five fortification's in one deployment. i work on 5 different fortification's in one deployment. sometimes i get the ribbon, and sometimes i don't. i don't understand why i get the ribbon sometimes and sometimes i don't. how exactly does this ribbon work?


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Another thing to note is that you can not get it while playing alone.  You have to either have a second controller or real people playing.

Actually you can get it each time you "deploy". Aka die. So each time you respawn from dying jump on a turret spray a few bullets and repair.

There is a slow way to boost this if needed for the mutator.

thanks for the correction Lil.

okay. i was wondering why i was not getting it sometimes.

Bad Instincts: You're wrong.

You only get the ribbon every 10 waves. Example you get it wave one the next time you will get it will be 11.

Unless you play wave 1 get the ribbon and die and keep repeating.

Maybe i am wrong , but i think i got it working repairing/upgrading  on five different  fortifications at the same time before start the wave.