How does Season Pass effect ability to re-download DLC?

I would normaly post this on Epic Games forums but they require an adimn to approve your account before you can post on their forums so until I can post there to ask I will post my question here.

How does the Season Pass effect your ability to redowload DLC?

I put in Gears of War 3 today and it said there was season pass DLC available do I want to download it now? I said yes and it downloaded the new DLC but I noticed a couple things. Since you have to get your DLC through the game and not directly from xbox live when you download the DLC it does not mark the content as purchased when you look for Gears of War 3 content on the Games Marketplace. So if I loose the DLC or my HD gets corrupt how can I redownload the content? Normaly microsoft would have record that I purchased it and I could just download it again but the season pass doesnt mark it as purchased so if I had to for some reason download it again how does the Season Pass get you the DLC again for a 2nd time but on the same Gamertag?

I also noticed that I was not able to move or copy the DLC to a usb thumb drive.


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To redownload the season pass dlc you would need to go thru your download history/purchase history under account management.

That does seem to work but its going to be a pain if I need to redownload 4 or 5 months from now when my  download history is going to be a lot longer. Its always been a pain getting stuff from my download history. Getting stuff from there always seems soo slow.

You cant back up the DLC by copying it to a memory stick wich also stinks. I just wish they would mark the item as purchased in the marketplace that way its way easier to get it again if you need to.

Your Season Pass is on the market place, just download that again.  Then pop in your game =)

Thanks, Nepo!

that was really helpful for Me!