How does one become ops in Spec Ops mode?

I'd like to choose mission and difficulty in Spec Ops modes as an op. In game searches I've never been ops and not been able to change maps.


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I really don't understand what you're asking. Can you rephrase the question?

in mission or survival spec ops, one player is the ops of the game and gets to choose the maps. Is their anyway to play as an op (game host) because when I get paired with someone they always play easy maps

When I search for a spec ops game I never get host so I cant change the maps, plus im sick of cr*p players ending the game midway and therefore doesnt record the survival wave I reach, which is a waste of time. I thought there'd be a way to get to play as a spec ops host.

It's whoever hosts, anyway, Survival is easy enough solo, until you reach in the last eight maps (except Outpost) then it's easier to be with two players and camping by the gun shop (with enough room to refil ammo, veteran maps get annoying).