How does one become a squad leader?

You have to love a game with no instruction booklet...

How do I make myself a squad leader?

I have been in a squad many times with no leader set , so I am guessing there is a way to become one

Thank you


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there is a instruction manual in game, im pretty sure its just for controls though.

all you have to do is create a squad.

I guess that's one way?

But sometimes the game says ¤YOU ARE NOW SQUAD LEADER¤ all of a sudden. That can't be for creating the squad. What does it?

The person who has been in the squad the longest becomes the SQL or if you go and make a new squad.  

There are instructions, look in Extra's found on the main menu.

I’m a squad leader because I am the only person on my squad, a sure fire way to stay squad leader. LOL

I think you need two years of a junior college to aquire squad leader..............but I may be wrong.

create your own squad

Create a squad, or be 2nd in line when the squad leader leaves a squad. If you're appointed to a squad, whoever has been there the longest in the match will be the leader.