How does it compare with WOT

How does this game compare with WOT in terms of team game play?

With the lack of good games for the XB1 I was considering buying a XB1 and get this game, but I'm loving wot so much , that I'm afraid of getting disappointed with this game.

Is the game really fun, or is it just the best there is for now?


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''With the lack of good games for the XB1 I was considering buying a XB1 and get this game.'' That hurt my head. Anyway it's a good game. Would I buy an Xbox One based on it? No. I wouldn't have bought an Xbox One at all, at least for a year had I known it was going to be this slow with game releases. There's really nothing to play at the moment. Oh how I miss Skyrim/Red dead/GTA :(

Its one of the better games to play on the Xbox One but you cannot validate a Console by just 1 game or a feature. You need to do it based on a solid library and features.

For a multiplayer game it will do, remember not many people talk alot on it though oddly enough.

As far as "team play" goes whenever I am on there is no chatter. Even Attrition feels like a free-for-all.

There have been at least 2 game releases per month since release. I have heard people say there are more Xbox One games at this point in its life then the Xbox 360 had in the same time frame. Patience.

Not exactly on topic, but Titanfall and Forza 5 alone make me glad I have the XBox One.  I got Kinect Sports Rivals and a couple of Lego games mainly for my kids.  Although I enjoy playing those games too, I can't pull myself away from my two favorites to play them.  

Trials Fusion just came out.  I love the Trials games on the 360 and will get Fusion, but I'm going to wait since I don't feel the need for a new game right now.

Those awaiting for a GTA-type game will get Watch Dogs next month.  And later in the year, we'll get Arkham Knight, which we almost definitely be awesome.  So anyway, I'm very happy with my purchase, although it hasn't been cheap.

Like most games, I think it's just the flavor of the moment just like the last GTA whose popularity last a few months. WoT is designed for longevity. A steady feed of new maps, tanks and game modes every couple of weeks ensure that. And while it will never see the number of players as on the PC version, which just celebrated its 3rd anniversary, it will retain it core player base.

I have never turned on chat in my games. I'm deaf and even if I could understand what is being said, why would I want to waste time listening to profanity laced tirades being thrown out by squeaky voiced rage-quitting idiots?

WOT and TitanFall shouldn't be compared since there is a lot to do outside of the Titans. Is that the case with WOT?

^^WoT is also an arcade game too isnt it? As a matter of fact, I think it was free to DL about a month or two back.

^^ I haven't played WOT since I tend to avoid vehicular combat in games. TitanFall is the first game I've tried that didn't overpower the vehicle/titans