How does Dual Wield work for you guys?

Because for me, it's a one way trip to getting my *** kicked.

I know there are those out there that are succeding with Dual Wield, so do you have any tips for those of us that aren't as proficent with it? I noticed if I'm fighting basic wolves or something similar I can handle them easily, but when fighting tougher enemies like enemies with 2 handed weapons, I just don't stand a chance. They just hack me apart and I can't block anything, so I'm basically just a practice dummy.

I'm assuming that the most efficent way is with a small weapon in the off hand to reduce stamina costs.. is that accurate? I can't really seem to figure out a good method for fighting dual wield aside from hitting left and right trigger as fast as I can and hoping the guy dies before I run out of stamina. I use a shield and I'm a killing machine, but I was excited about the dual wield mechanic in this game. It's certainly not make or break, I love the game either way, just wanted to see what others thought.

What do you guys think? Is dual wield worth the trade off of not being able to block?


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i went orc which starts with heavy armour, one handed, ect higher than other skills, heavy armour seems to be working pretty well, id focus on getting good armour maybe upgrading it, because you do take lots of damage, which will in turn level up your heavy armour more. maybe try using a sword/axe and a shield, until you can spec a bit into dual wield and have some good weapons to dual wield. orc also starts with the beserk ability, double damage dished out and half damage recieved, also great for dual wielding.

if your worried about spoilers, dont read on. !!!!!!!!!!!! becoming a werewolf is pretty beneficial to a dual wield/1handed weapons character because damage as a wolf increases as you increase your skill in one handed weapons, assuming wolf form also has a higher defense than normal, can also sprint faster as a werewolf, only be used once a day though same as beserk, but just find a spot where you can wait (select button) and wait for the full 24 hours, which wont take that long. what difficulty do you play on? im on adept i think and its pretty tough but not too hard. adept is the medium difficulty i think.

Thanks Korruptid, that makes a lot of sense.

I bet a lot of the problem I'm having is the fact that I'm wearing light armor. I was going for a more Rogue like feel.. light armor and stealth. I was going to use a bow at distance and dual wield up close, but given my lighter armor, that might not be an effective choice.

I can use a shield for now, once I get some more points into light armor and maybe a point or two into some dual wield skills in the one handed weapon tree that might balance me out a bit more. I have started using the bow, blasting them with fire as they charge in, then switching to the shield for the up close stuff, and that works great. I won't give up on my dual wield ideas, maybe I'll just shelf it for now until my skills are more complimentary to that style.

Thanks again for the tips, good stuff.

Make sure you tap L and R (do not hold) for a double fast hit which does not destroy your stamina.

I really hope they make it so you can see your left handed weapon on your hip soon, I hate how 1 sword goes on your hip and the other disappears.